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Monday, June 17, 2013

Basic and Advanced SEO Techniques to generate traffic to your website

Hello friends! I'm very happy to see you all in my second post. This post is the answer for million dollar question "What are the basic and advanced SEO techniques to generate traffic to your website?"
Increasing visitor to your website is not a big matter because there are several ways to generate traffic. But generating organic traffic (Direct Google search) is the big matter. Organic traffic is the only way to reduce bounce rate (We can discus about Bounce rate in our other post later). For that target all your keywords and work hard to increase your keyword ranking in Google SERP. Follow all the below On Page and Off Page techniques to improve your site as well as traffic by using white Hat SEO techniques.

  • A Meta title should contain 70 characters without keyword stuffing. You can change your title with your targeting keywords. In order to select your keyword use Google Keyword Planner
    Don't try to fool Google by giving more Synonyms of your keyword in title because Google would consider the synonyms of a word also. Use your keyword not more than one time depending on the page of your website.
  • A Meta Description should contain 150-160 characters. Don't use all your keywords as description, give detailed information about your website as description but use your keywords one or two times in that description
  • Meta keywords is not a problem for Google now but other search engines like Bing, Blekko, volunia etc could use them so provide it with all your keywords.
  • Build High Quality backlinks from Top and High PR sites is a must needed one. Get quality backlinks with your keywords as Anchor text. Concentrate more on the sites that give rel="do-follow" attribute link But don't get irrelevant or unwanted backlink because Google's Latest Penguin Update 2.0 targeted the website that follows this bad link farming techniques. For more info about this visit Google Penguin Update 2.0
  • Generate traffic from top sites like Wikipedia and Wikihow. Edit or Create new articles in this site and give backlink to your website. These links would be a rel="no-follow" link so you don't get link juice advantage but you can get traffic.
  • Forum participation is another important and easy way to increase your visitors.
  • Create a Blog for your site and update it every day by posting unique and latest information in that blog. Don't forget to give link to your website
  • .
  • Share those blog posting on top bookmarking sites. Some of the top sites are,,,,,,,, and etc
  • If you have shopping site be sure to share those products on Some Product Submission sites like,,,,,, etc.
  • Updating your websites profile in Social Media is a nice idea. Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, Fanpop,,,, and are the best place to promote your website. Update your profile everyday with interesting information. The more the information is interesting, more you get traffic.
  • Submit your Unique Articles as Lens in Squidoo and as Hub in Hubpages would generate better traffic to your site. Even Though submitting quality Lens and hub in both sites are difficult, try your best because Google love links from these sites.
  • Submit your website in all popular Directories. Because directory submission would generate both traffic as well as backlink. Don't submit your links in low quality directories. Try to submit your link in which is one of the top most directories.
  • Submit your website in other search engines to consider your site while ranking because not all the search engines can index your website unless you submit it manually.
    On Bing -
    On Google -
  • If you have news updating site then requesting Google News to publish your site is a good idea. Use this link to submit your request and follow the instruction given in that page. Publish on Google News
  • Info graphics and photo submissions are also a nice one. Create a new and innovative info graphics with a link to your site and submit it in all the top info graphics and Photo submission sites like,,,, Google Picasa,,,,,,,,, etc.
  • Video Sharing helps you to get traffic through your videos. Create a quality video and share it in top video sharing site like,,,, and etc
  • Don't forget to share your Documents. Generate a document ( Word or PPT or PDF )with some useful info about your website ( Don't always tell about your site which would make your visitors to omit your document ) and share it on top document sharing sites like,,,,,,,,,,, etc
  • Publishing News can generate traffic for your site. This may similar to article submission but the news should be latest one.,,, are some of the news publishing sites.
  • RSS Feed submission is also an important one. Generate Feed for your site and submit that in top RSS Submission sites and directories.
These are some of the simple works to generate traffic for a website. Click here for Latest SEO News