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Thursday, July 9, 2015

SEO VS Software Engineer (Java, .NET) where can we get high salary? Which one is having future career?

Which one is good for future career? SEO or JAVA? SEO or DOTNET? Is SEO worth like a Software field? SEO vs Software Developer?

These are some of the questions I have been getting as comment in my previous post. Instead of answering individually I’m writing this post.

Career in SEO vs Software Developer:

Actually I need to share my own experience before answering the question

“Carrer in SEO vs Career as Software Developer (Java,.NET or other programming Languages)"

At the beginning I started my career as SEO/Web developer where I developed websites (If my TL saw this line he will kill me ;-) since I preferred SEO more than development) and did SEO for those websites. From the starting itself I have more interest in SEO. I love to see SERP positions increasing for my websites for all high competitive keywords. Obviously seeing visitors flow in Google Analytics is always interesting. Checking all keywords position daily, Webmaster Tool and GA checking are really good. So I preferred SEO in all the situations even I got less salary. Later on shifting to other companies I got high package. So I enjoyed both my work as well as salary. So what my suggestions are,

  • Don’t compare any field based on Salary alone, rather ask your field interest yourself and do what your brain and mind saying.
  • Since I have more interest in this field I got good salary, if I go to development I may not have interest and my work performance will be low and there are more possibilities for job termination from the organization.
  • Actually if we compare the salary of SEO vs Software developer, SEO would be low but if we have better interest and knowledge we will get higher post in this field itself. Because In so many MNC’s like Infosys, CTS etc they are having SEO in their organization. Not in the exact name of SEO but as Digital Marketing they have job vacancy, so you can shift to those MNCs for better package as Senior SEO Analyst, Team Lead or Manager.
  • Learning is very easy in SEO when comparing with Development. Since we are Search Engine Optimizers we know how to search in Google to get exact answers for my doubts, but for other field people it’s somewhat difficult for them to search the exact result.
  • Understanding is easy in SEO than other fields. No coding complexities are there in this field.
  • We can easily learn SEM, SMO and Digital Marketing in this field which are having good future career.
These are some of the comparisons between SEO and other fields. These are all my opinions only and if anyone having addition suggestions please write as comment, I will add those points in this post by citing your name in this posts ;-)

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